numys is a free new app from Cashpath Financial. It answers the question “how much I can save and spend”.

It’s free. Secure. And Available in the App Store.

 numys works with the following bank and credit card accounts with more to come

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A Better Way

These days, it’s too easy to spend and too hard to save. That’s why we created numys™, a free app that makes it easy to control spending, automate savings and stay positive.

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Cashpath Financial -numys spend screen






One Number

numys is better than budgets.  It predicts your cash flow.  And shows you with one number – your Spend – how much discretionary money you have for each day, week and month.



Stress Less, Save More

Hit with an unexpected expense?  Spend a bit too much?  numys resets your Spend to ensure that you and your money Stay Positive.  So you can stress less.  And save more.


Cashpath Financial -numys screen