Save Confidently

With Cashpath, a new App from Cashpath Financial.
It shows you how much to save... and spend every day.

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A Day to Day Guide For Your Money

Take control and make progress with the free Cashpath app
From Cashpath Financial

  • A Better Tomorrow

    These days, it's too hard to save and too easy to spend. That's why we created Cashpath. A free app that saves for you and helps you control your spending.

  • Better Than Budgets

    Cashpath is better than budgets. It predicts your Income and Bills for the month ahead and helps you decide how much to save and spend with the rest.

  • One Number

    It then shows you in real time with one number the money you need for Bills, how much you can Save and what's left to Spend for each day, week and month.

  • Save Automatically

    Cashpath shows you how much you can save and soon, will do the saving for you.

Save With Ease

Take away the guesswork. Ditch your spreadsheets.
Get the App that helps you stay positive.

With Cashpath You Can

Know how much you need and have for Bills.

Spend within your means to save and always stay positive.

Confidently handle life's surprises like a car repair or an insurance bill.

See all of your bank and credit card balances in one place.

Save confidently even while adjusting to those surprises.

Be sure your information is protected with bank level security.

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